Foot & Hand 
Reflexology Class


Just some of what you're getting:

  • 16 hours of live, interactive training in Laura Norman Foot & Hand Reflexology over Zoom! Plus 16 CEs for LMTs and other health and beauty professionals.

  • Hands-on practice and a stimulating introduction to the science and art of reflexology, and to Laura's unique, inspiring holistic approach.

  • Study the 10 energy zones (5 on each foot and hand), plus key reflexology techniques including thumb walking, finger walking, hook and back up, and rotation on a point, and how reflex areas on the feet and hands correlate with the various areas/organs of the body.

  • Learn two complete basic Foot and Hand Reflexology session protocols for reaching all reflex points along with many relaxation techniques.

  • After this class you will be able to give yourself, your family and your friends profound relaxation and a deep sense of well being.

  • Special savings on  *lifetime*  access to our
    streaming Home Study Foot and Hand Reflexology Instructional Videos.

  • And, if you choose, your first step toward Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Certification