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Using Essential Oils  with Reflexology

  • In this exciting workshop you'll understand the beauty, benefits, and potency of essential oils, the many ways you can utilize them for personal well being – plus the power from integrating them with the restorative benefits of Reflexology. Class covers:

  • The history of Essential Oils.

  • The science behind Essential Oils and the importance of the limbic system in relation to the powerful impact essential oils can have.

  • Basic properties of Essential Oils and importance of oil grades and production.

  • Key safety factors in the use of Essential Oils.

  • How – and when – to use many popular essential oils, including Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Peppermint, Geranium, Rosemary  and Eucalyptus - to help a variety of physical and psychological conditions.

  • Incorporate Imagery & Visualization in your sessions.

  • FREE Essential Oils Kit with 6 Essential Oils - a $30 value!

  • “Hands-on” exploration of using essential oils with reflexology techniques.

  • Class Information         
    Using Essential Oils with Reflexology       
              Weekend Zoom Class                       
     Sunday, May 2,   10:30a-5:30p                
    Tuition:  $179 (includes Oils Kit)