Live Online
Hand Reflexology 
Certification Class

  • 32 hours of live, interactive training in Laura Norman Hand Reflexology over Zoom! Plus 32 CEs for LMTs and other health and beauty professionals.

  • Plenty of hands-on practice. Practice your techniques on someone at home, under the watchful eye of your instructor. You'll receive immediate feedback while you learn proper posture & breathing, what a client will experience, and what a practitioner may expect to find, plus general guidelines for sessions (length, frequency, consistency) and session preparation.

  • Complete our Hand Reflexology Certification and know: 
    • Advanced Hand Reflexology techniques
    • How to securely support a client's hand during the session
    • Anatomy, physiology & pathologies of the hand, wrist, arm
    • Various finger techniques used to manage emotions
    • Hand exercises to use for a number of conditions
    • How to recognize when hand reflexology is contraindicated
    • How to properly document a hand reflexology session
    • How to perform a complete hand reflexology session

  • A unique Professional Hand Reflexology session protocol,  designed by Laura Norman, the leading authority in Reflexology for over 40 years.

  • Free *lifetime*  access to videos of your one-on-one Hand Reflexology live-streamed tutorials with your instructor
    (2 required for certification @ $95 each).

  • Special student-only pricing for *lifetime*  access to the Hand Reflexology Home Study streaming video you'll use in class.

  • A Certificate of Completion in Laura Norman Hand Reflexology, suitable for framing.