Live Online
Face & Ear Reflexology
Certification Class

  • 24 hours of live, interactive training in Laura Norman Foot Reflexology over Zoom! Plus 24 CEs for LMTs and other health and beauty professionals.

  • Plenty of hands-on practice. Learn proper posture and breathing, what a client will experience, and what a practitioner may expect to find, plus general guidelines for sessions (length, frequency, consistency) and how to prepare for a session.

  • Learn two complete Professional Face & Ear Reflexology session protocols for reaching all reflex points along with many relaxation techniques.

  • Free 10-day trial access to our Face Reflexology streaming home study video ($50 value!) to support and guide you through hands-on practice at home, designed to improve your technique and help you embody new skills. 

  • FREE videos of your two one-on-one Face & Ear Reflexology live-streamed tutorials with your instructor that you can watch and practice with over and over again (required for certification).

  • And a Certificate of Completion in Laura Norman  Face & Ear Reflexology, suitable for framing.

  •    Class Information         
            Face & Ear Reflexology Zoom Class          
    Sat-Sun, March 6, 7   10:30a-5:30p
    Sat-Sun, March 12, 13   10:30a-5:30p

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